How to Write Themes that Work 2.

Exercise time!

  1. Please open a clean new session in your DAW, and be sure to have your sketching template there with a few allround -instruments.
  2. Write 5 short trailer themes by using Method II.
    To give you more guidelines: choose a tempo from this very common trailer tempo range: 130-140 bpm
  3. If you are done, go and gather feedback from others in the community by sharing one of your best ideas in the course's Discord group! (You find the link in the first lesson.)
    If you are not comfortable sharing your music with others at this point I can understand that. In this case, you can send it directly to me, and I am happy to give you short feedback in a couple of days.

To inspire you I will quote none other than Shakespeare! Hamlet represents the inability 'to pull together thought and action: where we think, we cannot act; where we act, we cannot think.'
So: Don't think twice, just do it! :)

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